Tungsten is a hard, lucent, silver-grey metal, known for its physical characteristics of excellent resistance to high temperatures, corrosion, oxidation and mechanical stress. In industrial fields it finds many uses:
it composes hard metal alloys for the processing of other metals up to high specialised uses as within aerospace industry or nuclear fission.

Spirit Srl is authorised in R13, R12 and R4 operations for the treatment of metal sludge which origin from mechanical and thermal processing on the surfaces.
Industry-proven thermal and mechanical processing allow to obtain powders of hard metals as tungsten carbide and oxide. In particular, tungsten carbide has many applications in the production of tools and in the surface treatment of parts subjected to abrasion and chemical corrosion.
Such production and processing give origin to sludge or scraps from which Spirit Srl, thanks to the applied technology, obtains a product (end of waste).

The recycled product consists of a powder which returns in the cycle of tungsten; it can be used for the production of ceramic pigments or can return in the productive processes of new alloys and tools.